Just Back from Palau

Rec Diving Founders Linda and Mike Kohut, current Rec Diving Instructor Barb Diefenbaker, and former Rec Diving Instructors Russel Probst and Garth Louis were all diving together in Palau the first week of February aboard the Rock Island Aggressor. They were joined by friends, old and new, for a week of diving the beautiful waters of Palau.



40 Years Diving Beautiful Bonaire! Look What Happened this Year!

When Rec Diving chartered the first jet to land at the Bonaire airport back in 1977, we had already been enjoying the world-class Caribbean diving there for several years.  During our very first official year in business, Bonaire became a go-to destination on our annual Rec Diving group trip list. It remains one of our favorite spots today, 40-years later.

We are so grateful to be able to explore beautiful Bonaire every year with divers.  THANK YOU to all of YOU who make these trips extra special every year.  This year’s trip highlights:

  • We celebrated the century dives of three awesome, accomplished Rec Divers, John, Meghan and Erin…hip, hip, hooray!
  • We cheered on new Junior Rec Diver Ari, who successfully completed her Open Water Certification dives…woohoo!
  • We were honored by the Bonaire Department of Tourism for Rec Diving’s 40-years as Bonaire Ambassadors…yay!

Check out the video gallery below:
Rec Diving founder, Mike Kohut, reflects on Bonaire – then and now!  And we share some of our favorite highlights from our latest trip to Bonaire.  Enjoy!

Rec Diving Bonaire Ambassadors!

Give Them the Gift They Really Want

Come into Rec Diving and pick up a gift card for the diver or snorkeler in your life. Your dive buddies always need something new and exciting before they hit the water!  Rec Diving Gift Cards are available in any denomination and they are always the right size and color for everyone on your list. Stop in and get them what they really want..a Rec Diving Gift Card!

There’s No School Like the Old School! Recognize Anyone?

This is #3 in our retro video series. We hope you are enjoying them as much as we are! Keep watching and let us know if you recognize any of your dive buddies! #throwbackthursday #recdiving Read more

In Search of Giants: Swimming with Whale Sharks

Wow. If you have ever been lucky enough to swim with a Whale Shark you know what we mean. If you’ve only dreamed of it, we might be able to help make that dream come true.

We had a very last minute chance to join a few other Rec Divers on a short trip to Mexico. We were hoping for a chance to swim with the Whale Sharks that congregate there in the summer for a few months. Now, we would have been happy with one or two whale sharks. What we got were dozens and dozens in every direction. Please check out our short video to get an idea of what it’s like. But believe us when we say, it’s no where near as exciting as actually being there along side one of these giant and beautiful creatures.

We found a great little Villa and Marina as well as an excellent charter boat operator. If you want an amazing experience, than join us next summer! Read more

Follow in Jacques Cousteau’s Bubbles

Cozumel Scuba Fest this December is in honor of the famous french underwater explorer who discovered the beauty of Palancar Reef in 1960. Now you can retrace his steps and dive nine of the sites.

Check out this short video and then let us know if you would like to join in on this epic journey. Read more

How Awesome is Saba & St. Kitts?

Well, we are happy to report that it’s Totally Awesome! If you are looking for your next dive adventure there are a lot of reasons to consider going here. We recommend flying into either St. Martin or St. Kitts, both are easy to get to. Then climb aboard the Caribbean Explorer II liveaboard where you only have to unpack your gear once. Now all you have to do is dive, eat, relax and repeat, it’s all inclusive. Optional island excursions are offered for those who are interested. We loved exploring the old British fort on Saba as well as the Batik art studio.

This is a great trip for all levels of divers. We can book you and your dive buddy or even your own small group. Just contact us if you want to find out more.

Hey scuba stars, here’s your chance to be one of our featured divers!

Thanks so much to all of you who shared super fun diving photos with us. Our featured Rec Divers are everywhere, in the lakes and quarries and all over the Caribbean and the Pacific. This pic of Pat and Karen was taken in Palau. Read more

Dive the Cayman Islands in Style with the founders of Rec Diving • February 21-28

Enjoy every comfort a diver would want on the famous Cayman Aggressor IV and experience world-class diving just a giant stride off your boat. Whether you’re in the mood for deep or shallow dives, reefs, walls or wrecks, the Caymans have it all. And that’s why this trip is always a Rec Diving favorite. Read more

Come Fun Dive with Us All Summer Long

So this is it, our local diving season at last! Here at Rec Diving we’re jumping in (literally) as much as we can and we want you to join us. Our certification weekends are always action-packed with newbies diving with Rec Diving Instructors. But there are always “fun-divers” along who are ready to buddy up. These certified divers are often testing out new gear or just looking to log some dives. Pictured above are Trevor, John and Jake who went “fun-diving” at Gilboa quarry while Jim taught Navigation, Limited Visibility, and Deep Diving Specialty Classes. Read more

Great Diving here at Home – Dive Michigan

We love to travel the world for great diving. Giant mantas in Indonesia, sharks in the Bahamas, dolphins in Honduras. But it is hard to find better wreck diving than right here in our own back yard. If you’ve ever done it, then you know what we mean. And if you haven’t tried diving in the great lakes, maybe this summer is the time? Check out the video from last summers dives. Then, make sure to check out our scheduled group trips. The dive season here is short, so don’t wait too long!

First Reports back from Roatan


“Lots of hawksbill turtles, remoras, spotted moray, lobsters, banded shrimp and groupers. Brittle stars, conchs, huge schools of blue tangs…”

Too many things to list.

How cool is it that we can get trip reports and photos from divers while they are still on vacation? We love to hear how their trips are going and we can share this up to date information with those of you who are planning an upcoming getaway! Here are just a few of the photos from Roatan. More to come!