Just Back from Palau

Rec Diving Founders Linda and Mike Kohut, current Rec Diving Instructor Barb Diefenbaker, and former Rec Diving Instructors Russel Probst and Garth Louis were all diving together in Palau the first week of February aboard the Rock Island Aggressor. They were joined by friends, old and new, for a week of diving the beautiful waters of Palau.



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  1. Mark Goodman
    Mark Goodman says:

    Well diserved!! There have been lots of years of dedication to your customers, REC Diving and the sport of scuba diving. It has been a pleasure being around you and having you help with my equipment as well as being a friend!!
    Congratulations, Mark Goodman

    • Judy Disner
      Judy Disner says:

      Mark, We have known each other for many years. i have sold a lot of gear, taught a lot of classes and gone on lots of trips. I have very fond memories of trips, students and selling gear. One of my favorite things was always to call you when we got something “new” and “cool” in the store. You have always been one of my favorite kids in the candy store, and you will always have a place in my heart. My friend, you are the kind of people that make it hard to leave.


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