Smart Phone Underwater Camera Housing – the season’s big seller!

This is the must have for your iPhone or Droid before your next diving or snorkeling adventure. Now you can take photos and video underwater with your smart phone and then post and tweet during the boat ride back to your resort! This professional underwater housing designed by Watershot is built to live in the water and withstand rocks, reefs, salt, sand and extreme pressure. his is not a case for your smart phone.

Great for any water sport activity with depth ratings ranging from 130′ to an impressive 195′.  It’s as easy as using your smartphone.  Just download the free Watershot App from the App Store and iTunes.  Shoot photos or videos and quickly share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Available accessories include wide angle lenses, colored filters, lights and tray sets. Also works with many of the GoPro mounting options.So if you have an iPhone 4 or 5, or a Galaxy S3 or S4, we’ve got the underwater housing for you.  Stop in and check these out.  These super sturdy, compact housings are already proving to be one of the “go-to” gifts this year at Rec Diving starting at just $99.99.  Another super fun way to share the cool stuff we see underwater!