Make Scuba Diving your New Workout

Rec Diving participated in a health fair this week by invitation of the Pharmacists Associations of Oakland and Wayne Counties. We were happy to be there among the stations set up for flu shots and health screenings because we’ve always believed that diving can play a key part in a healthy lifestyle.

We were there with other promoters of various fitness activities to highlight different approaches to get you and your family moving. It turns out the pharmacists who invited us were on to something.

Scuba magazines as well as health and fitness magazines cite many fitness benefits of scuba diving. Before and after we hit the water, our arm and leg muscles get a workout carrying gear. Underwater we work our glutes, legs, core and back as well as enjoy a good dose of cardio-respiratory exercise, without feeling the strain of a typical workout.

For many of us, though, it is the mental workout (or stress-reducer) that scuba gives us that is the very best health benefit. Floating effortlessly in a beautiful, multi-colored underwater environment allows us to disengage from our hectic lives and chill out a bit. And who doesn’t need more relaxation in life, right?

Fun Fact: a one hour scuba dive can easily burn up 350 calories!

Try Diving Dry with Rec Diving September 7 & 8

Imagine staying warm and toasty on a dive. You don’t shiver and you don’t have to come up early because you are just too darn cold! Diving in a drysuit seals you off from the cold water and that keeps you warm. It really is amazing! Each year, Rec Diving teams up with the DUI Drysuit team to gear up our divers for a dry suit test dive. If you’ve never tried it, now is your ideal chance.

Join us September 7 & 8 at Gilboa Quarry for the annual DUI Demo Tour.  Enjoy some fun diving and try something new!   Stop by Rec Diving to get your tickets for the event and be sure to let us know you’re coming!  It’s a great chance to meet other divers from Rec Diving and we look forward to seeing you at the Rec Diving staging area.  We’ll have plenty of dive buddies and we are all looking to log some fun dives and share our knowledge of diving dry.  So what are you waiting for?  Join the fun!

Click here to request more information.  Check out the Demo Tour event site here.DUIdays1

Rec Diving Welcomes 15 New Divers – Congratulations!

Rec Diving’s latest Open Water Weekend had it all – beautiful weather, great dives and 15 brand new divers!  Among the fantastic group of students joining us at Gilboa Quarry were members of six different families.  There were parents and kids of all ages, and nothing made our team of instructors prouder than to welcome the next generation.  All of the students did great and we look forward to diving again with each and every one of you!

Video of the Week: Scuba Rangers, the Next Generation

What’s more fun than a pool full of kids? A pool full of kids on scuba.

Scuba Rangers Summer Camp

We are happy to announce we are adding a Scuba Rangers summer camp!

During this one week, half day camp, kids learn water safety, snorkeling and basic SCUBA diving skills in a fun, yet controlled environment.

Knowledge and water skills are developed each day in the time-tested program for kids age 8-12 years old.

If you are still struggling to find that healthy activity that “sticks” with your child, why not give Scuba Rangers a try?


Scuba Rangers Summer Camp
July 22nd – 26th
9:00am – 12:00noon
Franklin Athletic Club
Member: $280 / Non-Member $320

Medical form approval required prior to registration.
Ages 8-12 year olds who are comfortable in the water and in good health

Important Notes:
Class size is limited, so reserve your space now while there is still availability!  Click here to get started.

Why Do We Dive?

There are as many reasons for learning to dive as there are divers. Maybe you’re already a certified diver. If so, you understand that every diver, regardless of experience, has a subtly unique reason for journeying under water.

Some activities seem to be perfect precursors for scuba diving.  Avid swimmers, for example, are “naturals” at diving. Their comfort in the water makes using scuba gear a snap. People who enjoy snorkeling have an advantage. They have already seen some of the dazzling life beneath the sea.

But prospective divers don’t need to spend their days swimming laps, or be competitive swimmers. People who enjoy walking, running, tennis, bicycling, golf, hunting, hiking, snow and water skiing, fishing, and even bridge seem to gravitate to diving. As the folks at Dive Training Magazine point out, with its increasing popularity, scuba has become “chic.”
“Chic?” you ask. Of course. Take a look at an issue of Vogue, GQ, Elle, or any other fashion magazine. Witness the “bodies beautiful” clad in neoprene and wearing scuba equipment. Scuba diving is reaching a pinnacle in media pop culture.

Diving has evolved from an activity for a select few adventurous souls into a universal recreational activity, a neon-clad way to meet interesting people. If the fashion magazines are to be believed, diving is a sexy adventure, an activity to “help put excitement back into your marriage.” At the same time, it’s a sport that conservative church groups tout as “something entire families can enjoy together.” Nearly half of all new divers are women. Diving is used as non-discriminatory therapy for physically challenged individuals. Scuba diving has become “universalized.”

And then there’s the environment. Since the first episode of Capt. Cousteau’s underwater series, scuba diving and preserving the sea have gone hand in hand. In this age of recycling, composting, car-pooling, and receding ozone, saving the planet is a sentiment that is being touted in political speeches, battery commercials, soap ads, and boardrooms.

Age seems to be a non-issue with divers. Reports indicate that record numbers of teenagers are learning to dive. The same reports claim more mature individuals are taking up the sport. And sandwiched in the middle are the ever-present “baby boomers,” who continue to account for a majority of entrants into the sport.
So why do we dive? Scuba Diving is cool.  It is a lifetime activity that we can enjoy with our friends and family, and it never ceases to amaze.

This is a condensed, edited version of an article from Dive Training Magazine.
Pick up your free issue of the education-based magazine at Rec Diving, complements of our award-winning Rec Diving instructional team.

2013 Open Water Diver Challenge

Win a trip of a lifetime aboard the Dancer Fleet Liveaboard Yacht Sun Dancer.

This opportunity is for new SSI divers who are open water certified in 2013 and enroll in at least one SSI Specialty class in 2013. For each Specialty you complete you will automatically be entered into the Sun Dancer Liveaboard Yacht (out of Belize) Trip Drawing to be held January 15, 2014. These specialty classes are a great way to gain experience, confidence and skills in the water. Continuing your diver education adds so much more to your dive experiences.

Any of the following SSI Specialty Courses apply:
• Science of Diving • Boat Diving • Navigation • Enriched Air Nitrox • Deep Diving • Dry Suit • Limited Visibility • Digital Photo • Equipment • Search & Recovery • Wreck • Stress & Rescue • React Right

Complete any of these classes and you will be entered into the drawing for the trip to Belize.  What are you waiting for?

Stop by Rec Diving or call and let us help you pick a class or classes that interest you. We love sharing our passion for diving!   Click here to get started today!

Master Diver Challenge for 2013 is on!


SSI’s Master Diver Challenge is designed to reward you for continuing your diving education. You set the pace, decide which specialties to take and choose when to go diving. In return, Rec Diving will reward you for each milestone reached with the recognition you deserve. Come in and let us know you are ready to take the Challenge and we’ll get you started one milestone at a time! Finish your Master Diver certification by December 31, 2013 to qualify for a chance to win a dive trip on the Thailand Aggressor.

How to get involved:

  1. Let a Rec Diving staff member know you want to take the Challenge
  2. Have a Rec Diving staff member verify your divelog
  3. Fill out a commitment form
  4. Go Diving!

MILESTONE 1: Advanced Open Water Diver
(Specialty Diver Rating + 2 more specialties + 12 more dives)
This rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience. No other agency’s advanced diver level compares!

MILESTONE 2: Master Diver
(Advanced Open Water Diver Rating + 1 more specialty* + 26 more dives)
*NOTE: If not already taken, Diver Stress & Rescue, CPR and First Aid are required.

A chance to win a dive trip!

Contact Rec Diving today to sign up!

The lakes are frozen over, its time to dive!!!!!

During the winter months here in Michigan many divers think of warm diving destinations as their only option to get wet. For those who are ready to dress for the occasion there is another option, Ice Diving!!!!! Last year we were denied the opportunity to engage in this very different yet cool (literally) for of diving. A special certification is required to engage in Ice Diving as the overhead environment demands additional safe measures. If you’re already a certified Ice Diver or looking to take the class and join on in this great experience call the store at 248-549-0303 today and get your name added to the list. We’ll be finalizing our plans shortly and contacting those who are interested with all the details.

For students who will just be learning about ice diving you’ll learn everything you need to know how to plan, setup and execute ice diving safely.  The course will cover all of the follow aspects of ice diving:

  • Dive Gear Considerations
  • Ice Diving Specific Safety Equipment
  • Surface Safety
  • Amanda IceSite Selection
  • Required Ice Conditions
  • Surface to Diver Communications
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Securing the Site After the Dive
  • And more….

We look forward to seeing all of you excited enough to brave the cold and surf along the side of the ice few ever see.

Rec Diving Staff

Trip Report from Roatan

It’s hard to believe that it is February already. And before we take off on our next adventure, which is coming up soon, we wanted to let you know about our trip at New Years. We were fortunate enough to ring in this year at Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan, Honduras. We have been here before and it never disappoints. This place is everything you would hope for in a tropical getaway. Beautiful, lush gardens lead to individual wooden bungalows, most with private decks, right at the waters edge – some even over the water. When we weren’t diving we could hang out by the pool or make use of the kayaks on the beach. A small shuttle boat can take you over to Bailey’s Key for the dolphin encounter. We could sign up to go zip lining through the jungle, horse back riding or just relax in a hammock. And the sunsets were incredible.
We had our own boat and crew for the week and they took great care of us. Dive lockers where conveniently located close to the boat making it easy to manage our gear. A small snack shop on the dock was convenient for a quick treat between dives (sometimes you just need ice cream or Doritos when your having this much fun). The diving included three dives daily with two night dives and shore diving for anyone who still couldn’t get enough. The reefs were in great shape and we saw so many sea turtles on this trip it was almost funny. At the end of the night dives we settled down into the sand with the lights off and got to see what Roatan divers call “String of Pearls”. Long strands of lights that appeared and disappeared making for a magical dive. Some of the group added on a shark dive where we got up nice and close with more than a dozen Caribbean reef sharks. We also had the option of a dolphin dive which was of course amazing. The photographers and videographers in our group had lots of opportunities on this trip for some good pictures.
Yes, we had a wonderful destination, but more important, we had a great group of divers who made it an extra special dive vacation. We had a new one on his first ocean diving trip and even one celebrating his 300th dive. We had divers who have traveled the world and still came back excited. Some joined us from Chicago and one has been joining us again and again from New York. These group trips are always fun for us! We would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a destination that offers something for new to experienced divers and even non-divers. Let us know if we can help you set up your next dive vacation. And stop by and tell us if you’ve been somewhere great recently.

Congratulations New Open Water Divers

Congratulations New Open Water Divers!  What a great summer with so many of you who completed your pool and classroom training going on to complete your local Open Water certification course.

Completing your Open Waters is the final step in preparing you to begin to explore our underwater world. With your completed certification, you and your dive buddy can begin gaining the valuable diving experience that makes every dive safer than the one before it.

Check out the training section in Rec Diving’s photo gallery for pictures from past open water weekends.

As long as mother nature allows, we’ll run classes so there is still time for you to complete your certification locally this year:


Oct 13-14Saturday and Sunday10:00am – 3:00pm

Be sure to check our Open Water training page for up to date class listings (depending on weather).

Don’t see a date that works for you? Private Open Waters can be scheduled anytime in any local lake or at Gilboa Quarry to accommodate a schedule that works for you.

Don’t delay!  Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to get you ready to explore the other 72% of the world.