Who’s Turning Forty & How Can You Join the Celebration?

If you guessed Rec Diving you’re right and we want to celebrate with you. After all, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t still be here.

You can join in on some of the exciting things we have planned in celebration of forty amazing years like this trip to the Cayman Islands with Rec Diving’s founders Mike and Linda Kohut. Imagine the stories they can tell.

Hey scuba stars, here’s your chance to be one of our featured divers!

Thanks so much to all of you who shared super fun diving photos with us. Our featured Rec Divers are everywhere, in the lakes and quarries and all over the Caribbean and the Pacific. This pic of Pat and Karen was taken in Palau. Read more

Come Fun Dive with Us All Summer Long

So this is it, our local diving season at last! Here at Rec Diving we’re jumping in (literally) as much as we can and we want you to join us. Our certification weekends are always action-packed with newbies diving with Rec Diving Instructors. But there are always “fun-divers” along who are ready to buddy up. These certified divers are often testing out new gear or just looking to log some dives. Pictured above are Trevor, John and Jake who went “fun-diving” at Gilboa quarry while Jim taught Navigation, Limited Visibility, and Deep Diving Specialty Classes. Read more

Are You Ready for the 2014 MASTER DIVER CHALLENGE?

SSI’s Master Diver Challenge is designed to reward you for continuing your diving education. You set the pace, decide which specialties to take and choose when to go diving. In return, Rec Diving will reward you for each milestone reached with the recognition you deserve. Come in and let us know you are ready to take the Challenge and we’ll get you started one milestone at a time! Finish your Master Diver certification by December 31, 2014 to qualify for a chance to win a dive trip on the your choice of either the Palau Aggressor II or Tropic Dancer Yachts. SSI-DivingOK

How to get involved:

  1. Let a Rec Diving staff member know you want to take the Challenge
  2. Have a Rec Diving staff member verify your divelog
  3. Fill out a commitment form
  4. Go Diving!

MILESTONE 1: Advanced Open Water Diver
(Specialty Diver Rating + 2 more specialties + 12 more dives)
This rating stands alone in the industry with the highest combination of diving knowledge and experience. No other agency’s advanced diver level compares!

MILESTONE 2: Master Diver
(Advanced Open Water Diver Rating + 1 more specialty* + 26 more dives)
*NOTE: If not already taken, Diver Stress & Rescue, CPR and First Aid are required.

A chance to win a dive trip! Includes: Accommodations for one in a double stateroom, all meals & snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, local beer & wine, diving, air fills, tanks, weights & weight belts. (Valued at $3,135.)

Contact Rec Diving today to sign up!

Hey New Divers – Ready for A Challenge?

We are so excited that you’ve completed your SSI open water dives or are getting ready to complete them in 2014.

You learned a lot in your beginning scuba class but maybe your looking for more? So what’s next? Rec Diving is excited to offer you the 2014 Open Water Diver Challenge and the chance to win a dive trip aboard the Belize Aggressor III. All you have to do is complete your SSI Open Water Certification and at least one SSI Specialty Class before December 31, 2014 to qualify for a chance to win.

Continuing your diving education is a great way to learn new skills and improve your confidence and comfort in the water. We offer many different classes, take as many as you like. You could take these classes over the summer and complete the required dives locally or maybe complete them on one of our group trips. You can even ask us about combining classes.

Just contact us to sign up. We always do our best to work with your schedule. Here a some of your choices:

SSI2diverswreck400•Boat Diving
•Deep Diving
•Underwater Photography
•Stress & Rescue
•Dry Suit
•EAN Nitrox
•Night & Limited Visibility
•Wreck Diving

Belize-aggressor220The Aggressor Fleet Trip Includes: Travel any time in 2015 on the Belize Aggressor III yacht, accommodations for one in a deluxe stateroom, all meals and snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, local beer & wine, diving, air fills, cylinders, weights & weight belts. (Valued at $2,495.)

Are you ready? Stop by Rec Diving or call and let us help you pick a class or classes that interest you. We love sharing our passion for diving!   Click here to get started today!

The Cool Things our Divers are Doing

As divers, we are thrilled if a fish, frog or turtle gets up close and personal with us on a dive in a local lake.  Well, there is a way to experience being underwater and enjoy the wildlife without getting wet.

The Environmental Discovery Center (EDC) at the Indian Springs Metro Park is home to a giant dome and viewing window that brings native Michigan fish and wildlife into clear view.  Visitors regularly see a variety of fish habitats, tree stumps, logs and large rock formations underwater.  They also regularly see two Rec Divers, Dave Wurtz and Brad Sayyae, who volunteer to keep the dome and viewing windows clean.

The pond at the EDC is completely natural; the water is not filtered or chemically controlled.  Algae and sediment are normal things to be found in bodies of fresh water.  The algae and sediment collect on the windows and dome and eventually reduce visibility, like any dirty window.  Recreational Scuba Diving is not permitted in any Metro Park, but Rec Diving Instructor Dave Wurtz was approached when it became apparent that the dome would need periodic maintenance.  Ever since, Dave and his dive buddy Brad, have been washing the windows about every two weeks from early March until the ice forms.


“Everyone appreciates our work, which really isn’t work – more like fun, ” says Wurtz.  “It’s particularly rewarding to be able to give back, while doing something we enjoy.”

A vehicle permit is the only thing required to visit Indian Springs and the EDC and there’s never a charge to watch the EDC-Rec Diving Underwater Window Washing Team!


Milestone Dives in the Great Lakes this Week

Everyone’s doing it! Even Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is diving in to enjoy the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes

Gov. Snyder, who is a certified scuba diver, explored the Monohansett, a double-decker wooden barge that sunk in Lake Huron back in 1907. The shipwreck is located in the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary off the coast near Alpena. The dive was part of an effort to promote scuba diving for the “Pure Michigan” tourism campaign.

If you are lucky enough to dive the Great Lakes, you know that every dive is a special adventure!  The Governor wasn’t the only one making a splash in the Great Lakes this week.  Some proud Rec Divers marked a few diving milestones during  the Rec Diving trip to the Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve.

Dive Leader Candidate, Matt Ingber logged his 100th dive on the Minneapolis, a steamer that sunk back in 1894 and now lies beneath the water near the south tower of the Mackinac Bridge. The viz was great, the weather perfect and a boat full of Rec Diving buddies were there to cheer on our new Century diver. Congratulations Matt!

Big Rec Diving congratulations also go out to Nathan Accord for achieving his Advanced Open Water Diver rating. Way to go Nathan, we are proud of you!

The weekend was fun-filled and action-packed as usual. In addition to the Minneapolis, we dove the Fred McBrier, the Cedarville, the William Young, the Cayuga and the Northwest.

Enjoy this video of the Cayuga and the Northwest shot by Matt Ingber.

Photo Gallery


Rec Diving Welcomes 15 New Divers – Congratulations!

Rec Diving’s latest Open Water Weekend had it all – beautiful weather, great dives and 15 brand new divers!  Among the fantastic group of students joining us at Gilboa Quarry were members of six different families.  There were parents and kids of all ages, and nothing made our team of instructors prouder than to welcome the next generation.  All of the students did great and we look forward to diving again with each and every one of you!

Video of the Week: Scuba Rangers, the Next Generation

What’s more fun than a pool full of kids? A pool full of kids on scuba.

Congratulations New Open Water Divers

Congratulations New Open Water Divers!  What a great summer with so many of you who completed your pool and classroom training going on to complete your local Open Water certification course.

Completing your Open Waters is the final step in preparing you to begin to explore our underwater world. With your completed certification, you and your dive buddy can begin gaining the valuable diving experience that makes every dive safer than the one before it.

Check out the training section in Rec Diving’s photo gallery for pictures from past open water weekends.

As long as mother nature allows, we’ll run classes so there is still time for you to complete your certification locally this year:


Oct 13-14Saturday and Sunday10:00am – 3:00pm

Be sure to check our Open Water training page for up to date class listings (depending on weather).

Don’t see a date that works for you? Private Open Waters can be scheduled anytime in any local lake or at Gilboa Quarry to accommodate a schedule that works for you.

Don’t delay!  Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to get you ready to explore the other 72% of the world.