Why use a Dive Travel Specialist?

We are asked all the time why it makes sense to use a dive travel specialist to book a dive trip.

One of our recent dive travel clients summed it up perfectly. He told us he had googled “diving vacation in the Caribbean” and came up with 17 million results! Yep, he needed a little help narrowing down his dive vacation options.

That’s what dive travel specialists do. Based on your interests, likes, needs, skills and budget, we come up with the best options for your adventure. It doesn’t cost you more, as the destination pays our commission, NEVER the customer.  Our goal for you is an enjoyable, carefree vacation based on your desires. Because we have been diving in all of the locations that we offer, we can give you impartial advice on the best place to dive on your vacation. And best of all, we specialize in some of the world’s most exciting dive destinations!

So as you prepare for your next diving adventure, save yourself some precious hours and try the Rec Diving team’s adventure travel service. We can hook you up with the perfect group dive trip or individual adventure customized just for you.  We are all divers who LOVE to make the trip planning process super fun!  In fact, we like to say we strive to make the process almost as much fun as the trip itself (well, at least WAY more fun than sifting through 17 million web search results!)

Below we share with you just a few of the reasons why we dive.  There is so much beauty underwater and we love to help you connect with it and enjoy it as much as we do.  We hope to dive with you soon, or help you create a memorable dive vacation!


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