Why Dive with an Air-Integrated Dive Computer

Imagine yourself on a relaxing dive. Perhaps you’re photographing a particularly cooperative turtle or just pleasantly swimming alongside your favorite fish. With one easy glance at your air-integrated computer, you check your depth, time and air. You never lose sight of your critter friend and you know exactly how much bottom time you have left and how much air you have left at depth.

Those of us who dive regularly with air-integrated computers know how convenient it is when all of your critical information is accessible on one screen – depth, bottom time and even your breathing rate so you know how fast you are consuming your air.

Check out our entire selection of air-integrated dive computers at Rec Diving, from hoseless models to the newest ultra-compact XP-H.

Sub_gear_XP-H_220px220pxSUBGEAR XP-H
A brand new addition to the SUBGEAR line, XP-H is an air integrated,version of the XP10 computer with several exciting new features.

  • Nitrox settings between 21% and 100%
  • Digital Pressure gauge
  • Alarms you can set for Low air and “turn-around”
  • Gauge Mode
  • PDIS- Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops
  • Basic choice of adjustments without the need of a PC
  • Adjustable ppO2 between 1.0 and 1.6bar
  • Back light, visual and audible alarms
  • Timer for Safety Stops
Holiday Priced at just $475
 Oceanic_proplus21_220pxOceanic Pro Plus 2.1
This classic PDC features the largest display available and our patented Air Time Remaining calculations built right in. The Pro Plus 2.1 is “air-integrated”, constantly monitoring your cylinder pressure and comparing it with your personal air consumption rate and decompression status to deliver your personal Dive Time Remaining based on the most limiting factor.

  • Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time based on current depth and your personal air consumption
  • “Turn-Around” pressure prompt
  • “Ending” pressure alarm ensures that you return to your exit point with a predetermined reserve
  • Safety stop prompt
  • Simulator incorporates your personal air consumption rate
  • Now with OceanLog Software included with Settings Upload. Optional USB Cable sold separately
  • Increased download memory from 256k to 512k – offers storage for approximately the same number of dives, however now includes cylinder pressure with every sample point.
  • Data Retention – maintains calculations indefinitely when the battery is changed

Holiday Priced at just $799

 galileo_solSCUBAPRO Galileo Series
If you’re ready for the ultimate in underwater dive computers then the Galileo series from SCUBAPRO is for you. From the casual warm water diver through the hard core technical diver there is an option for you.Both of these outstanding wrist mounted computers offer hoseless air integration for your primary tanks as well as your dive buddies. Both models offer remaining bottom time based on your air supply by dynamically calculating your breathing rate to know when you need to start heading back up.  For those looking for something for technical diving the Galileo SOL goes even further by allowing you to hoselessly monitor two more cylinders of decompression gas.

  • Hoseless gas integration.
  • Navigational system with digital compass.
  • Extra large dot-matrix screen available in 3 display modes.
  • PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) optimizes your dive in complete security.
  • Clear text, multi-language alarms.
  • Graphic data display.
  • Personalization.
  • Galileo’s memory chip can hold over 100 hours of dive profile data and 100 bitmap images as a wreck map the diver can use to orient himself.
  • User changeable battery & depth ratinginitely when the battery is changed

Holiday Priced at just $929 for the Luna and $1189 for the Sol 

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