What is Manta Night?

Diver’s on the Kona Aggressor II enjoy their dinner topside on ‘Manta night’.  This way you can watch as the excitement builds. Imagine this: the sun has now set, replaced by a light blue glow of snorkel and dive lights, the show is starting. There is an estimated 60 resident Manta Rays living in Kona and on a good night there can be 20+ Mantas at the ‘camp fire’. Mantas are usually sighted all over the surface scooping up mouthfuls of plankton.

Diver’s nestle themselves between lava rocks, laying as low as possible giving the graceful giants room to make their acrobatic somersaults as they funnel in plankton. Watching the Manta Rays as they dance in the spot light is absolutely phenomenal and a dive that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It’s a wonderful way to spend the evening and enjoy Kona’s night life at its best.  It is also one of Rec Diving’s favorite dives off the Kona coast.

Limited space is still available if you want to join Rec Diving aboard the Kona Aggressor II December 28th through January 4th.  Ring in the New Year with us (and the mantas!).  It is also prime time to run into pods of dolphin and whales!  Click here for more trip info

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