News from Wakatobi

This place is definitely living up to it’s reputation. It is the healthiest, most colorful reef we’ve been diving on. The endless hard and soft coral makes for a landscape that is just beautiful. Combine that with the countless anthias, wrasse, angelfish, and 42 species of butterflyfish and it is truly a mind-blowing burst of color on every dive. The crazy critters have been out to greet us too.

Our two Rec Diving boats have had encounters with cuttle fish, two spot lion fish, blue ribbon eels, crocodile fish, spearing mantis shrimp, peppered moray eels, hairy squat lobsters, robust ghost pipe fish and the tiny pygmy seahorses. Between dives, we relax on the gorgeous beachfront resort comprised of thatched huts and open air common areas. We left our shoes at the door of our bungalow and they’ve remained there all week. Wakatobi is on the “be back” list for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates as well as more pictures and video from this amazing trip!

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