Look what happened in Cayman!

What’s a celebration without cake?  Right?!?  That’s what we all thought as the crew on the Cayman Aggressor literally made a cake on the heads of three Rec Divers who achieved milestones dives!  They were super sticky, but all super good sports!


Congratulations to Julie for achieving her 100th dive, Marilyn for completing her 500th and Ellen her 600th!   Wow!

Marilyn (2)

It really was an action-packed week filled with great diving with great friends! Rec Diving founders Mike and Linda Kohut lead this special 40th anniversary dive trip with some of our most treasured long-time dive buddies, many who have been with us from the beginning.

CaymanTurtleAfter 40 years of diving the Caymans, we’re happy to report our favorite dive sites were as beautiful as ever. The reef was teeming with fish life, turtles, sting rays, jacks, sharks, tarpon, eagle rays and beautiful gorgonians growing out into the blue.

Night dives were enjoyed with the usual cast of characters. Green morays, lobsters galore, sleeping turtles, sharks and octopus all made an appearance.

Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall was a highlight of this trip. Incredible wall diving with such healthy coral! What a week!

But as always it’s the great group of divers who join us every year who really make trips like these extra special.  So thanks to everyone who made this another fantastic Rec Diving adventure!

40th Anniversary Group

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