How to Add Adventure to your Diving Itinerary

As a general rule, at Rec Diving we select a travel destination for the good diving, but no matter what amazing or exotic location we journey to, we always recommend exploring the culture, history and wildlife topside as well.

Divers are clearly adventurous at heart and curious in nature. We spend hours, sometimes days, getting to some of the most remote destinations for diving, so why not enjoy the wonders above the water line too?

We recommend adventures designed to immerse you in the culture of a place or uncover the character of a destination. As with all of our diving itineraries, we always recommend the best local guides available. In our experience, the best guides can make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one!

Here are just a few ways we’ve personally helped divers enjoy the best of both worlds, above and below the water:

  • Dive the Galapagos Islands and add on Macchu Piccu with a Local Guide
  • Dive Costa Rica and add on a hike through a Cloud Forest Reserve and a visit to an Active Volcano
  • Dive Thailand and add on an interactive stay at an Elephant Nature Preserve
  • Dive Belize and add on a visit to Ancient Mayan Ruins and a Jungle Spa Retreat
  • Cage Dive with Great Whites in South Africa and add on a customized Safari  (See amazing Trip Video below)Contact us when you are ready to take your next trip to get the best underwater experience and perhaps add some topside adventure too!
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