Calling all Scuba Divers, Snorkelers and Wannabees!


THANK YOU to everyone who came to SUPER SALE SATURDAY for 10%-60% Off Everything…

…like the NEW Square Dive Computer starting at $399.99…tanks starting at $129.99…and the NEW Go Mask starting at $70!
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What else is NEW in Gear for Scuba Divers, Snorkelers and Water Lovers?
Everything is new! Today’s regulators are adjustable and breathe with less effort. BCD’s adjust to fit your shape and come with weight integration, equaling greater comfort and less stress on your back. Dive computers are easier to read, simple to download, consolidate more vital information and can grow with your diving needs. Snorkels are dry and more flexible. Masks are lighter with a greater field of vision. Suits are ultra-stretchy for warmth and protection with maximum comfort. Gear bags are constructed to be heavy-duty, but lightweight with wheels for easy travel.

What gear do you need?

We’re here to help you! Our professional team of divers LOVES to share personal experiences we’ve had diving gear for all budgets. Pick our brains! Use us! Then let us help you customize gear purchases JUST FOR YOU to make the most of your diving and snorkeling adventures.


SP Package 2011 1

SUPER SALE Scuba Package from $699
Gear Package includes a classic downstream piston regulator with weight-integrated BCD with power inflator, OCTO, and SPG.How to Customize your own Gear Package:
Start with the SUPER SALE Package (above) and for as little as $225, add a Dive Computer or upgrade your Regulator or BCD. All name brand gear, even our top selling Scubapro. It’s easy and there is no budget too big or too small.Here are just a few of our FAVORITE upgrades:

MK11 HP S555Upgrade to a:

  • Balanced diaphragm regulator for only $150
  • High performance balanced piston regulator for only $400


classicunlimitedUpgrade to a:

  • Premium strap style buoyancy compensator with Air2 for only $225
  • The ultimate stabilizer style buoyancy compensator with Air2 for only $375
XP10 220Upgrade to a:

  • Downloadable, nitrox-compatible wrist dive computer for only $225
  • Downloadable, nitrox-compatible air-integrated computer for only $350
  • Downloadable, nitrox-compatible hoseless air-integrated computer with compass for only $800

What other gear do you need?

tanks-a80 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tanks with K-Valve and Current VIP. Limit 2 per customer. Starting at $129.99
Tank Valve upgrade additional $20
Tank Package upgrade including valve cap, tank mesh and boot for $15
Neosport 2piece 220Cold Water Neoprene Wetsuit – 7mm, two-piece easy step-in suit with front zip jacket. Styled fo ultimate warmth where you need it most. The staple for our local dive season.Starting at $169.99

square-imperialNew for 2014
Aladin Square boasts extra-large digits and super easy-to-read display. All the sophisticated core SCUBAPRO features you expect are here, but in a format that is easier than ever.Starting at $399.99
The Go Mask. Very cool, ultra comfortable mask specially designed with solid stainless steel GoPro mount – no nut needed. Hands-free and it couldn’t be easier!Starting at $72.00
The CHROMIS wrist computer is ready for your next adventure, in or out of the water. Reaching a new level of clarity, the large display and Katana-sharp characters are proven to be exceptionally readable under water. You’ll have a host of tools at your fingertips, including a full-featured dive computer, timepiece, and patented lap counter.Starting at $449.99
Flex Wetsuits – Flexible 3mm or 5mm neoprene full length suits. These suits are durable, super stretchy, and ultra-comfortable. Most important, they go on easier than ever!Starting at $159.99
TUL 400Amazingly bright compact LED anodized aluminum lights. Rugged, yet streamlined and lightweight, these lights are ideal for traveling divers. Some models powered by just three AAA cells with 3 power modes and a run time up to 420 minutes.Starting at $69.99
UC 7519 SGComfortable mask and snorkel kits crafted for divers and snorkelers who want a wide field of view combined with a low volume design. Snorkels feature hyper-dry and full dry top technology. Available in a rainbow of colors. Sized for adults and children.Starting at $49.99
MAKO TITANIUM KNIFETitanium steel knives with excellent cutting edge and good resistance to surface oxidation. Models available in pointed and blunt styles. Some models with serated edge and line-cutting notch for cutting small ropes and fish lines.Starting at $89.99
watershot330Underwater Housing for smart phones. Watershot® professional housings are built to live in the water and withstand rocks, reefs, salt, sand and extreme pressure. Full suspension system “floats” your phone inside the housing for maximum protection. Available for iPhone 4 & 5 and Galaxy S3 & S4. Wide angle lens accessories and tray sets available.Starting at $89.99
MK11G360New for 2014
MK11/G360 – SCUBAPRO’s adjustable air-balanced second stage has pre-tuned inhalation for uncomplicated use. It’s an ideal choice for avid divers wanting performance yet a simple to operate system.Starting at $359.99
Go Travel BCD – Comfortable, easy to pack and extremely lightweight at under 6lbs! This weight-integrated BCD is loaded with the quality and style divers have come to expect from SCUBAPRO. Perfect for the traveling diver!Starting at $429.99
StahlSacCaicosBag220Easy to move rolling gear bags with corrosion resistant zippers. Rugged, yet lightweight, these bags are ideal for gear storage and travel.Starting at $229.99
SEAWING NOVASea Wing Nova – voted the top “Testers Choice” award for power, maneuverability and comfort, plus it’s one of the lightest fins on the market today.Starting at $179.99
Stylish neoprene shirt that’s great for layering. Easy donning, quick drying with UV-rated material on sleeves and collar. Can be worn under layers or used as a rash guard when snorkeling or swimming. Available in women’s and men’s sizes, short and long sleves.Starting at $59.99
The DC1400 Pro makes it easy to capture amazing underwater photos and HD video. SeaLife’s 14-megapixel camera combines diver-friendly design and six underwater color modes for sharp, colorful photos and HD video – underwater or on land.Starting at $749.99

Super Sale excludes Travel, Gear Service, Instruction and Select Camera Equipment.

All upgrade prices listed above are valid for complete package purchases only and not applicable for gear sold separately. Other restrictions may apply.

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