All the Cool Critters Come out at Night!

Night and Limited Visibility diving opens up a whole new world of diving experiences.  Rec Diving’s Night & Limited Visibility Diving Specialty Course is packed with practical information about planning and conducting these dives for fun, adventure and exploration.  Like all of our courses, this one is designed to prepare you for your adventure and to make sure you have a good experience diving comfortably and confidently.  Take the course in this summer’s diving season.  We’ve still got a few good weather weeks left and our local lakes and quarries are ideal for getting practical experience diving at night and in limited visibility conditions.

Remember, just because the visibility is limited, it doesn’t mean the diving opportunities are.  The colorful nocturnal creatures glowing under a dive light create a spectacular, surreal combination.  Watch what happened when a squid joined our group of night divers in Bonaire.  We couldn’t take our eyes off this incredible creature, but the squid was just as interested in us!

Here’s a really cool bonus!  If you completed Open Water Certification this year, taking the Night and Limited Visibility Diving Specialty will automatically enter you in our drawing to win a trip to Belize!

This opportunity is for new SSI divers who are open water certified in 2013 and enroll in at least one SSI Specialty class in 2013. For each Specialty you complete you will automatically be entered into the Sun Dancer Liveaboard Yacht (out of Belize) Trip Drawing to be held January 15, 2014. These specialty classes are a great way to gain experience, confidence and skills in the water. Continuing your diver education adds so much more to your dive experiences.

Any of the following SSI Specialty Courses apply:
• Science of Diving • Boat Diving • Navigation • Enriched Air Nitrox • Deep Diving • Dry Suit • Limited Visibility • Digital Photo • Equipment • Search & Recovery • Wreck • Stress & Rescue • React Right

Complete any of these classes and you will be entered into the drawing for the trip to Belize. What are you waiting for?

Stop by Rec Diving or call and let us help you pick a class or classes that interest you. We love sharing our
passion for diving! Click here  to get started today!

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