A Great Regulator is Always a Great Friend

What makes a great regulator?  The difference between a “good” regulator and a “great” regulator can make or break the enjoyment of any dive experience.  Comfort, reliability, and high performance are the most important attributes that a regulator should exhibit.  Every great regulator should make breathing effortless.  Air should be delivered easily and consistently, on demand, and in the quantities required.  And through technology and design, your regulator must be completely reliable.

At Rec Diving, we’ve got a great selection of regulators to choose from.  Whatever your dive destination, our equipment specialists at Rec Diving are happy to help you select the regulator that best suits your diving needs and desires.

What’s even better?  A great breathing regulator doesn’t have to break your bank.  Ask us about high performance in a system that is lightweight and affordable and starting at just $250.00.  Come in and check them out.

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