Seawing Nova Fin

Come check these beauties out for yourself at Rec Diving.  Just what makes the Seawing Nova so special?  Here is a  closer look at the magic behind this spectacular fin.

SEAWINGNova_thrustReplacing the gradual curve of a traditional fin, the Seawing Nova has an articulated joint (like the tail joint of a dolphin) which allows the blade to pivot. The entire blade is now able to generate thrust; there is less drag, no wasted thrust.

With traditional paddle fins, the harder you kick, the more the blade bends. The result is that soft fins achieve the ideal 45° angle when kicked gently, but over-bend and lose thrust when kicked hard. Stiff fins achieve the 45° angle when kicked hard but remain too flat and therefore inefficient when kicked gently. Both require compromise. The Seawing Nova uses Pivot Control Technology to ensure that the most efficient angle of attack is maintained across all strengths of kick. No compromise needed.

SeawingNova_CWBThe unmovable section between the foot pocket and the blade of a traditional fin generates excess drag. On the Seawing Nova, it simply isn’t there— which means that water is free to flow cleanly onto the working section of the blade. Drag is reduced, and thrust is increased.

As you kick harder, the Seawing Nova’s wing-tips arc upward, increasing high-speed stability and reducing drag.

The Seawing Nova features a super-ergonomic foot pocket that is exceptionally comfortable. The rigid Power Plate footplate extends to the back of the heel and ensures ultimate power transmission with less leg strain.

The fin can be easily secured on, or pulled off with the marine quality bungee heel strap. No more work to tighten your fins when you’re getting ready or finding the clips to unbuckle them as you exit. Just a quick pull with your index finger and the heel strap is out of the way.

The space-age Monprene® elastomer provides superior technical characteristics and makes the Seawing Nova incredibly lightweight and durable. How much weight do they save? Seawing Novas come in about 1/2 the weight of other performance fins!

With all of these great features working in concert you can’t help but to be impressed with the power these fins produce with so little effort.  Stop in at Rec Diving today to take a look at the next generation in performance fin design.

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