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40 Years Diving Beautiful Bonaire! Look What Happened this Year!

When Rec Diving chartered the first jet to land at the Bonaire airport back in 1977, we had already been enjoying the world-class Caribbean diving there for several years.  During our very first official year in business, Bonaire became a go-to destination on our annual Rec Diving group trip list. It remains one of our favorite spots today, 40-years later.

We are so grateful to be able to explore beautiful Bonaire every year with divers.  THANK YOU to all of YOU who make these trips extra special every year.  This year’s trip highlights:

  • We celebrated the century dives of three awesome, accomplished Rec Divers, John, Meghan and Erin…hip, hip, hooray!
  • We cheered on new Junior Rec Diver Ari, who successfully completed her Open Water Certification dives…woohoo!
  • We were honored by the Bonaire Department of Tourism for Rec Diving’s 40-years as Bonaire Ambassadors…yay!

Check out the video gallery below:
Rec Diving founder, Mike Kohut, reflects on Bonaire – then and now!  And we share some of our favorite highlights from our latest trip to Bonaire.  Enjoy!

Rec Diving Bonaire Ambassadors!

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